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Decorative Paper Impregnator

Two step melamine decor paper impregnation line


Functions and feature 

 The adoption of RS422 and RS485 technology and the realization of such a communication control with human-computer interface (touch screen) , PLC and frequency converter as a substitute of the traditional panel control, which have greatly improved the digitization standard.    

 It has industrial standard modularized design, handy human-computer dialog and rich information reminder in Chinese.

 The high precision gauging roller ensures the gluing precision and surface quality of the impregnator.

The high precision reticular roller(gravure coater) with precision scrubber secures the preciseness of glue coating.

The advanced and reliable tension control system works effectively in controlling the strain of the paper tape operation.

 Both the transmission roller and the hot-air blower come with high efficient energy-saving inverter control to reach low energy consumption, synchronous linear stability and low paper breakage.

 The double photoelectric synchronous motor controls and adjusts deviation to have the deviation adjustment stability and the stead operation of paper.

 The paper cutter is available with the coding technology of preciseness and accurateness and being capable of setting the cutting length at will.

 The temperature of the drying chamber comes with PID high-precise control and the exact-accurate temperature control. 

The ratio and systematic parameters can be regulated online synchronously.

 It is possible to inquire and make the statistics of the output on the daily, monthly and yearly bases. 


Main parameters of technology 

Definition of Glue pick-up in china

(After treatment drying paper weight-raw printing paper)/ raw printing paper x 100% = glue pick-up

Also we can calculate like this: glue pick up calculation = dry glue content divided by printing paper weight times 100%. Suppose 80g raw paper, glue pick is 100%, thus dry paper weight is 80+80 = 160g. while in some foreign country, glue pick up also is 80g (glue) divided by 160g = 50%.

 two step impregnation can apply 55-65% UF/MF in the first impregnation unit, 35-45% of glue will be applied on the second coating unit; also this 35-45% can be divided by 60% of MF on upper mesh roller, 40% of UF on lower mesh


For example: 80g paper at 100% glue pick-up,

UF consumption: 80g x 60% (1st) + 80g x 40% x 40% (2nd) = 60.8g

MF consumption: 80g x 40%x60%= 19.2g

Also in the first impregnation unit, we use electrical movable sky roller, gives glue different saturation time according winter and summer season.  

 Main raw material:  >70g/M2 decoration paper, solid color, uncolor, wood Grain design printing paper, kraft paper for HPL

  Work width: Max: 1350mm

 Mechanical speed: 3-60m/min at operating speed of: 18-25m/min (subject to  glue pick-up)

Impregnating material:  first impregnation-PF/UF/MF, second coating-upper MF/(lower PF/UF or MF)

Glue-pick: 70%-250% (also for balance paper, décor paper, overlay paper etc can be in wider pick-up range)

volatilization content: 6-7.5%

Heat resource:  The inlet temperature of heat-conduct oil is higher than 220℃

Heat capacity:   600,000kcal/h ( 100,000kcal/hr x 6ovens)

Power source:   380/460ACV 50/60Hz controlled by VVVF 

technology (power request to be confirmed  separately after contract)

Installed capacity:  55Kw

Profile size:   44115×2220×2800 (Length ×Width ×Height ) Workshop lowest horizontal beam is not lower than 6meter.

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