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Impregnation Line

Paper Impregnating Line



Ø  This Impregnation Production Line adoption of RS422 and RS485 technology and the realization of such a communication control with human-machine interface (touch screen), PLC and frequency converter as a substitute of the traditional panel control, which have greatly improved the digitization standard.

Ø  The Impregnation Production Line has industrial standard modularized design, handy human-computer dialog and rich information reminder in Chinese and English.

Ø  The high precision metering roller ensures the gluing precision and surface quality of the Impregnation Production Line. Moving precision of metering roller≤0.003mm, Linear precision of metering roller ≤0.003mm/m

Ø   The high precision reticular roller (gravure coater) with precision scraper secures the preciseness of glue coating.

Ø   This Impregnation Production Line has advanced and reliable tension control system works effectively in controlling the tension of the paper tape operation.

Ø   Both the transmission roller and the hot-air blower come with high efficient energy-saving inverter control to reach low energy consumption, synchronous linear stability and low paper breakage.

Ø   The pneumatic and hydraulic servo deviation adjustment system controls and adjusts deviation to have the deviation adjustment stability and the stead operation of paper.

Ø    The paper cutter is available with the coding technology of preciseness and accurateness and being capable of setting the cutting length at will.

Ø    The temperature of the drying chamber comes with PID high-precise control and the exact-accurate temperature control. Temperature control precision≤±1°C

Ø    The ratio and systematic parameters can be regulated online synchronously.

Ø    It is possible to inquire and make the statistics of the output on the daily, monthly and yearly bases.

Ø    This Impregnation Production Line Equipped with stain control system on line to automatically adjust the green tensile strength of impregnated paper.

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