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Impregnated Paper for Flooring

AL2O3 Abrasion-Resistance Paper


Impregnation Line Usage:

The AL2O3 abrasion-resistance paper use the horizontal one-step impregnation dryer line to produce.

Horizontal one-step impregnation dryer line is made up of,umwinding machine, impregnation machine, dryer, cooling section, edge control, puller, paper cutter, and the paper stack.

AL2O3 Abrasion-Resistance Paper Impregnation Line Technical parameter Feature:

1  working width: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

2  raw material: AL2O3 abrasion-resistance paper

3  paper gram weight: 35~75gr/m2

4  impregnating material: UF/MF/WBP

5  heating source: hot oil, steam or derectly hot air

6  communication control with human-machine interface (touch screen), PLC and frequency converter as a substitute of the traditional panel control, which have greatly improved the digitization standard.

7  The web aligner adopts pneumatic and hydraulic servo aligner to ensure the paper moving steadly.

8  The high precision metering roller ensures the gluing precision and surface quality of the Horizontal Impregnation Line. Moving precision of metering roller≤0.003mm, Linear precision of metering roller ≤0.003mm/m..

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