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Paper impregnating machinery

Automatic melamine paper impregnation line



Artificial board decoration material impregnation machines, insulation material impregnation machines and auxiliary equipment such as exhaust air burning stove, boiler, glue making system and glue mixing system etc.  The artificial board decoration material impregnation machines are mainly used for  producing the impregnated paper such as decorative paper, grainy paper, balance paper, kraft paper and overlay paper for furniture board, concrete forming panels, bamboo plywood, laminate flooring board and high pressure laminate board. The insulation material impregnation machines are used for producing the base material for CCL(copper-clad laminate) of PCB industry such as the paper, cloth, compound etc. insulation material.

Impregnation Plant/ Impregnation Equipment Machinery

Technical parameters:  

Usage: can be pressed on PB/ MDF board, laminate flooring, High Pressure Laminate 

Product: decorative paper, overlay paper, Kraft paper

Working width: 4’, 5’,6’,7’,8’etc.


Ø The adoption of RS422 and RS485 technology and the realization of such a communication control with human-machine interface (touch screen), PLC and frequency converter as a substitute of the traditional panel control, which have greatly improved the digitization standard.

Ø It has industrial standard modularized design, handy human-computer dialog and rich information reminder in Chinese and English.

Ø The high precision metering roller ensures the gluing precision and surface quality of the impregnator. Moving precision of metering roller≤0.003mm, Linear precision of metering roller ≤0.003mm/m

Ø The high precision reticular roller (gravure coater) with precision scraper secures the preciseness of glue coating.

Ø The advanced and reliable tension control system works effectively in controlling the tension of the paper tape operation.

Ø Both the transmission roller and the hot-air blower come with high efficient energy-saving inverter control to reach low energy consumption, synchronous linear stability and low paper breakage.

Ø The pneumatic and hydraulic servo deviation adjustment system controls and adjusts deviation to have the deviation adjustment stability and the stead operation of paper.

Ø The temperature of the drying chamber comes with PID high-precise control and the exact-accurate temperature control. Temperature control precision≤±1°C

Remark: we can also design and manufacture it according to the user’s specific requirements such as the working width, the number of dryers and the working speed etc.

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